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Ministry/Service iGroups

Audio Visual iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Serve on sound, visual, lights, and online live
Lead:  John Barrett   john@hhchurch.com

Baptism iGroup:  Sunday Every other month
Coordinate/communicate with Baptism participants
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Bookstore iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Serve at check out counter before Sunday service
Lead:  Dana Page   dana@hhchurch.com
Lead:  Monique Eckert  Monique@hhchurch.com

Café iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Assist in food prep/serving before Sunday service begins
Lead:  Monique Eckert   Monique@hhchurch.com

Counters iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Assist in weekly offering counting
Lead:  Sam Hickey   shickey@dewittshrader.com

Event iGroup:  Vary
Assist with setting up and tearing down events
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Facility Cleaning iGroup: Vary
Clean church throughout week
Lead:  Susie Burgess   Susie@hhchurch.com

Greeting iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Welcome everyone at parking lot entrance, Door entrances and in worship center.
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton  tammy@hhchurch.com

Guest Room iGroup:  Sunday Morning 1x monthly
Welcome/Greet our guest behind the platform
Lead:  Joyce Campbell   joycecampbell@yahoo.com

HHC Secretary iGroup: Monday-Thursday / 10-4pm
Work in church front office 3hours per week
Lead:  Susie Burgess   Susie@hhchurch.com

Info Center iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Welcome guest, share information, answer questions regarding HHC
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Kid’s Ministry iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Serve at Registration, kids leader, and nursery
Lead:  Susie Burgess   Susie@hhchurch.com

Praise & Worship iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Participate on praise and worship team on Sunday and special events
Lead:  John Barrett   john@hhchurch.com

Prayer Warriors iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Pray before service and at service dismissal
Lead:  Bob & Judy Asmus   bobbutgod@gmail.com  mommomasmus@gmail.com

Starting Point iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Connect with visitors after service
Lead:  John Pyle   johnp@hhchurch.com

Usher iGroup:  Sunday Morning
Maintain a safe environment, distribute communion, collect offering
Lead:  David Wilson   dwilson3858@hotmail.com
Lead:  Jason Grider   Jason@armoredhav.com
Lead:  Chuck Eckert  eckertclan5@yahoo.com
Lead:  Jeremy Bright   brightfamilyfarms@yahoo.com

Youth iGroup:  Sunday Morning and Monthly on the 1st and 3rd Sunday after church
Youth 7th – 12th grade
Lead:  Susie Burgess   Susie@hhchurch.com

Care iGroups

Card/Care Basket iGroup:  Vary
Hand make card to send out to HHC people for various reasons
Lead:  Monique Eckert   Monique@hhchurch.com    ask
Lead:  Angie Marshall   eyeugrad@yahoo.com

College Care iGroup:  Vary
Support/encourage those in college with care baskets and cards
Lead:  Monique Eckert   Monique@hhchurch.com     ask
Lead:  Stacey Williams   jands4@sbcglobal.net

Connection iGroup:  Vary
Connecting with men and women in friendship at HHC
Lead:  Chuck Eckert  eckertclan5@yahoo.com
Monique Eckert  Monique@hhchurch.com

Counseling iGroup:  Vary
Lead:  Mike Aldridge  765-349-0552
Lead:  Larry Rempe  317-797-2717                   

Financial Guidance:  Vary
Assist in financial education in money management
Lead:  James Williams jands4@sbcglobal.net

Grief Share iGroup:  Vary
Support those that struggle with the loss of loved ones
Lead:  Kathy Taylor   taylor.kathyp@yahoo.com

Hospital/Home Care iGroup:  Vary
Visit those in hospital before surgery, long-term hospital stay or home shut in
Lead:  Monique Eckert   Monique@hhchurch.com

Mission iGroup:  Vary
Represent HHC at local Mission dinners/fundraisers.  Assist with the Hand & Feet Missions iGroup for local HHC supported Mission’s. 
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Quick Action iGroup:  Vary
Assist in projects, set-up/tear down and help HHC people when possible
Lead:  Dale Oliver   dwo33@comcast.net

Quick Chow iGroup:  Vary
Prepare dish/meal for a funeral or family in need
Lead:  Monique Eckert   Monique@hhchurch.com

Instructional/Support iGroups

AA  iGroup:  Weekly
This group is intended for people that have a desire to stop drinking or know someone that has a desire to stop drinking.  Please contact Gary for additional information.  This group will meet every Thursday at 12n.
Lead:  Gary  nascarfan4899@hotmil.com      (317) 796-2179

Bible Journaling iGroup:  1x month
Creative and crafty ways to study the bible
  Lead:  Angie Marshall   eyeugrad@yahoo.com

Depression & Anxiety Support iGroup: As needed
This is intended for people that deal with depression/anxiety.  Contact Jason for more information.  Disclaimer:  This is not intended to replace professional medical counseling/treatment.  This a discussion group only.
Lead:  Jason Burt     jburt31@gmail.com

Foster/Adoption Support iGroup:    1 X month
This group is designed to support and offer information to people as they walk the journey of the foster and/or adoption process.   Meetings will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  For more information please contact Ann.
Lead:  Ann Faudree     fasigroup19@gmail.com

Hands & Feet Missions iGroup:  Vary
This group will focus on helping a local HHC supported mission as needed.
Lead: Burl Tichenor   tichenorburl@yahoo.com

HHC Sister Strong iGroup:  Vary
HHC Women’s group that meet 2 times a month
Lead:  Monique Eckert   Monique@hhchurch.com

I Give Care iGroup: 1 x year
Support group for care giving people in HHC
Lead:  Nona Myers  igivecare2@gmail.com

I Keep HHC Clean iGroup :  Vary
This group is intended to serve HHC in keeping our building clean.  There are different levels of cleaning opportunities.  For more information please contact Patricia.
Lead:  Patricia Grafton   ikeephhcclean@gmail.com

Making Money Behave iGroup:   Monthly on 1st Tuesday
This group is intended to educate/assist people with a vision on how to “spend with a plan” by using God’s principles.   For more information please contact Lova.
Lead:  Lova Standeford lovamay@yahoo.com  (765) 352-8155

Matriarch’s iGroup:  1x month
Women 55 and older connect and build friendship
Lead:  Janie Fleener   mjfleener47@gmail.com

Mom’s Encouraging Mom’s iGroup:  on-line
This group is designed to communicate mostly online with a quarterly potluck/meeting for mom’s to ask for advice and pray for other mom’s in the church.  It would be a safe place to tell any joy and concerns regarding children, marriage, themselves, faith etc.…
For more information please contact Alicen. 
Lead:  Alicen Williams  Williams_badb@hotmail.com   (812) 890-3870

Parenting iGroup:  Vary
Always A Parent, how to be a better parent
Lead:  Chris Page   chris@hhchurch.com

Sync iGroup:  Spring and Fall
HHC’s version of home group.  Build relationship with other HHC people
Lead:  John Barrett   john@hhchurch.com

Recreation iGroups

Bass Fishing iGroup: 1 x month
Learn about bass fishing, bass fishing, and tournaments
Lead:  Rob Campbell  remaxrobcampbell@yahoo.com

Euchre iGroup:  1x month
This group will meet the first Wednesday of each month to connect and build friendships while playing Euchre. 
Lead:  Bobby Hamilton  thamilton0709@yahoo.com  

Hiking iGroup:: 1 x month
This group is intended to celebrate God’s nature creation.  We encourage everyone that enjoys hiking.  Watch for additional information in the weekly bulletin. 
Lead:  Pam Childress   pamchildress14@gmail.com   (765) 315-1059

Event iGroups

Breakfast with Santa iGroup:  1x year
Community event. … We use as a fundraiser for our Kid’s Ministry & Youth Group
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Fall Fest iGroup: 1x year
All church gathering at Bright Farm (hayrides, games, dancing, and FUN!)
Lead:  John Barrett   john@hhchurch.com

Fantasy Football iGroup:  1x year
ESPN format for Fantasy Football draft
Lead:  James Williams  jands4@sbcglobal.net

HHC Yard Sell iGroup: 1x year
Community event … All HHC people bring in donations for the yard sale in the YACC.  We use as a fundraiser for Kid’s Ministry & Youth Group
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Lift Up School Supply Drive iGroup:  1x year
Community event for kid’s to receive school supplies before school starts
Lead:  Susie Burgess   Susie@hhchurch.com

Man & Meat iGroup:  1x year
Men Eating Meat together
Lead:  John Barrett   john@hhchurch.com

Morgan County Fair Booth iGroup:  1x year
HHC hand out water at the HOT county fair to everyone
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton   tammy@hhchurch.com

Project H2O iGroup:  1 x year
HHC hand out water to the community at Jimmy Nash City Park prior to the annual July 4th Fireworks
Lead:  Tammy Hamilton  tammy@hhchurch.com