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Here is a list of missions we support through our faithful people at HHC…

HHC Supported Missions 

Local Missions

Center for Women’s Ministry

Location: Martinsville, Indiana

Mission: Provide information and abortion alternatives to crisis pregnancies

Lead Person: Neta Phelps

Contact Info: 360 S. Sycamore St. Martinsville, IN (765) 349-0911 

www.cwmhope.org or mccwm@att.net

Churches In Mission

Location:  Martinsville, Indiana

Mission:  Helps prevent hunger, encourage education, share blessings, and provide hope

Lead Person:  Linda Hadley

Contact Info:  60 W. Pike St. Martinsville, IN  46151 (765) 341-6652

www.churchesinmission.org bksbksbks09@yahoo.com

Desert Rose Foundation

Location: Martinsville, Indiana

Mission: Transitional housing for women who are victims of domestic violence

Lead Person: Marsha-Macphee Webster

Contact Info:  PO Box 1754 Martinsville, IN (765) 342-1777   


Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County

Location: Martinsville, Indiana

Mission: Building local homes for qualified partner families

Lead Person: Heather Rains

Contact Info:  39 W. Pike St. Martinsville, IN (765) 349-9003  www.morgancountyhabitat.org    

Indiana Dream Team

Location: Gosport, Indiana

Mission: Temporary residential program for at-risk young men

Lead Person:  Keith Lashbrook

Contact Info: PO Box 1955 Martinsville, IN (765) 318-8299 


Lift Up School Supplies

Location:  Martinsville, Indiana

Mission:  Work with area schools to provide school supplies for needed kids in the community

Lead Person:  Susie Burgess

Contact Info:  4085 Leonard Rd Martinsville, IN  46151 (765) 346-2532

Martinsville Youth Development Center

Location:  Martinsville, Indiana

Mission:  To foster children after school with programs that promote emotional, mental, physical, and social development

Lead Person:  Shelby Burkett

Contact Info:  165 Morton Ave. Martinsville, IN  46151 (317) 446-5044


Sleep in Heavenly Peace / Martinsville Chapter

Location:  Martinsville, Indiana

Mission:  No child sleep on the floor

Lead Person:  Ed Hacker

Contact Info:  189 W. Walnut St. Martinsville, IN  46151 

           P.O. Box 1016 Martinsville, IN. 46151  ed.hacker@shpbeds.org

Stability First

Location: Martinsville, Indiana

Mission: To address multiple issues associated with the alleviation of poverty

Lead Person: Rick Miller

Contact Info:  210 W. Morgan St. Martinsville, IN  46151 (765) 318-5901


Wellspring Center

Location: Martinsville, Indiana

Mission: Transitional housing for families in Morgan County

Lead Person: Bob Goodrum

Contact Info: 301 W. Harrison St.  Martinsville, IN (765) 342-6661 www.wellspringcenter.org  bob@wellspring.org

Regional Missions

LeSea Global Feed the Hungry

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Mission: Provide emergency food relief around the world

Lead Person: Stefan Radelich

Contact Info: 530 E. Ireland Rd. South Bend, IN 46614 (574) 413-6860  www.feedthehungry.org

International Missions

Ebenezer Evangelical Mission

Location: Saint-Louis du Nord, Haiti

Mission: Pioneering and supporting churches and schools in northern Haiti

Lead Person: Larry Ralph

Contact Info: 1990 Old St. Rd. 44 Martinsville, IN (765) 342-7330  beccaralph@yahoo.com  larry.ralph@yahoo.com      

Modern Day Missionary

Location:  Grand Prairie Texas

Mission: Building the Body of Christ and mission organizations together more effectively to complete the task of world evangelization.

Lead Person:  Lisa Flake

Contact Info:  P.O. Box 535578 Grand Prairie, TX 75053

lkflake@aol.com  www.modernday.org  www.2414now.net  www.ethne.net

Youth With a Mission – Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Mission: Bringing Christianity to the nation of Thailand

Lead Person: Phil Porter

Contact Info: www.ywamthai.org   phil.porter@ywamthailand.org                    Last updated: 3/17/22