History of HHC

By on 10/28/2019

History of HHC

HHC Historical Timeline


HHC is pioneered by Chris and Dana Page on June 12, 1994 in the living room of Chris’ parents, Gary and Martha Page, in Painted Hills with 9 people in attendance. 


HHC purchases a 2,000 sq. foot building at 690 W. Mitchell Street in Martinsville for $94,000 in August 1994. HHC’s congregation will grow from nine to fifty over the next three years. This property is eventually sold to the Morgan County Humane Society in 1997. (Yes, our place went to the dogs).


In 1996 HHC secures 6.6 acres of a former cornfield on the corner of State Road 252 and Leonard Road for $6,000/acre (Note: In 1996, HHC originally looked for land along State Road 37 (now I-69) in Martinsville, but the  going price was 90,000/acre!).


HHC moves into its new 14,400 sq. foot facility on our current property on June 22, 1997 at a cost of $440,000 (currently our Café and Youth/Children’s Center). Chris becomes a full-time pastor. HHC attendance grows from 50 to 300 over the next four years.


HHC expands its facility to 44,000 sq ft with the addition of a new worship center and administrative wing which opens on August 12, 2001...the same date as Chris and Dana’s 12thwedding anniversary and just a few weeks before the 9/11 tragedy.


In 2004, HHC opens an indoor Kid’s Playland/Teen Rec Center which is one of the largest of its kind in Indiana, and expanding HHC’s facility to its current 48,200 sq. feet.


HHC renovates a section of HHC’s original building into a modern café named Grand Central Café with a historical train station-themed setting and opens in 2012.


On June 12, 2019 HHC celebrates its 25th Anniversary.



HHC Facility Tidbits


The HHC Congregation wrote scriptures on the wood framing and even “planted” paper scriptures under the stage (they are still there) during the construction or our current worship center.


During construction of the administrative wing, the builders as a joke (unbeknownst to Chris) made his office one inch bigger than any other offices so he could “feel like a boss”.


There is a large hidden meeting room directly under the slope of the balcony in the Worship Center.


There are 12 bathrooms, 28 sinks, 7 urinals, 25 toilets, 2 showers, and 17 storage areas inside of HHC.


The HHC Grand Central Café was designed and decorated after train station cafes designed in the 1930s.


The Grand Central Café has more décor components than the Worship Center, Foyer, and Youth/Children’s Center combined.


Gary Page, Chris’ dad and Worship leader from 1994-2010, played the role of General Contractor over every phase of HHC’s construction history.


Due to the height of the Worship Center ceiling, the lights are all changed out at the same time with a specially rented lift every few years.


The utility cost at HHC (electric and propane) averages $50,000 annually.


HHC has had 24 different paid staff members since 2000.


There are 10 entrances to the HHC facility.


The largest single crowd HHC has had in the Worship Center was a whopping 966 during opening night of our production of Heaven’s Gates in 2002.