Discovery Statement of Belief

By on 06/03/2024

Thank you for choosing to participate in our Discovery Class coming up. This is a wonderful step in your journey toward having a Home Church you can count on and Home Church that can count on you!

As part of our pre-course process, please clink on the link leading to HHC’s Statement of Belief. These are the core tenements of faith and Scriptural values we hold to. These are in a similar line of teaching with a large majority of evangelical churches around the world today. Before attending Discovery, please read through and sign the document to ensure you agree with and are comfortable with our Statement of Belief.

If you have any questions, please respond and we will assist you. Thank you again for choosing to be part of the HHC Team!

Contact us by filling out the form below.

Please Read & Check Each Statement of Belief

Statement of Belief Agreement

I support the Statement of Belief from Hoosier Harvest Church.