NCAA ChrisP Pool

By on 03/11/2021

The correct ChrisP Pool standings are posted BELOW. The standings will be updated at the conclusion of each NCAA tourney evening.

AND THE WINNER OF THE 2023 Page Pool Title is….Paul “aka Tony” Hamilton!! (Crowd goes wild). Tony wears the final blue jersey. This is his first prestigious Page Pool title. Welcome to the winner’s circle, my man! Tony also sets a NEW championship record 120 points in the final game (previous record was 90) meaning he is the first to hit a 4-seed or lower to win the national championship. Tony saw me at church a couple of weeks ago after the first round of games and said, “I’m doing terrible…I have no chance.” Never say Never in the Page Pool! Tony will be receiving his glorious gift basket in the near future during an HHC Sunday Service. The “dudes” have won a record 6 titles in a row. C’mon ladies! On a side note, Great run by “Great” Nate Barrett who lands in the runner-up circle (a small consolation). For the rest of us, there’s always next year…and the next year….and the year after that.

UCONN was AMAZING in this tournament!! How did they have 8 losses?? Reminded me of the 1981 Indiana Hoosiers who came in with 9 losses and blew out everyone they played in the tourney.

Once again, it has been a great honor “Playing the Pool” with y’all. I believe our method of scoring is SO MUCH funner than the traditional ESPN brackets. I appreciate all of you who have faithfully played for many years. May the bracket be with you. See you next year!