NCAA ChrisP Pool

By on 03/11/2021

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The correct ChrisP Pool standings are posted BELOW. The standings will be updated at the conclusion of each NCAA tourney evening.

Is UConn not one of the best NCAA Tourney Teams in History?? I really believe they could beat any other team 9 out of 10 times. And 38% of the Page Poolers felt the same way even BEFORE the tourney. A whopping 25 out of 72 entries picked UConn to win it all. Outstanding work, you Huskies. Big Shout out to PURDUE, but alas, they still remain “banner-less” at Mackey Arena.

Again a big CONGRATS TO COOPER NOEL (pronounced Null) as the 2024 PAGE POOL CHAMPION!! This was determined even before the Championship Game. His name is now in RED in the Standings forevermore. You can expect your Prize Basket sometime in the coming weeks, young buck. Congrats to Steven Thacker (a 2x winner) who almost became a 3x winner, but impressively settles for the Runner-Up spot this year. The dude knows how to play the Page Pool.

What can I say?…it is a blast EVERY YEAR to connect with y’all every year playing the Page Pool. And though many of you may be “banner-less”, there is always NEXT YEAR, right? Good Night and Godspeed to you, my Page Pool Pals…