NCAA ChrisP Pool

By on 03/11/2021

The correct ChrisP Pool standings are posted BELOW. The standings will be updated at the conclusion of each NCAA tourney evening.

ONE AND DONE. I mean, ONES ARE DONE. The #1 seeds are OUT. Hard to believe BOTH Alabama AND Houston go out minutes apart. If your bracket wasn’t “bust”, it probably is now. No #1s in the Elite 8. Madness. Miami and San Diego State are quite the surprise. With Creighton’s win (which was expected), there are two #5s, a #6 and a #9 in the Elite 8. Madness. Texas (along with UConn) look REALLY, really good. No nail-biters on Friday. Hard to top Thursday’s games.

Chris “P” Page hangs onto the lead and blue jersey going into Saturday as he hits Texas and Creighton. His 90 third round points put him tied for 5th all time & a place in the Record Standings. Chris “Bean” Keane moves up to the green jersey and 2nd place by also hitting Creighton and Texas. Steven “2x” Thacker hits Miami (only one to hit it) and Texas to move up into the 3rd place orange jersey. Let’s welcome back Stan “The Piano Man” Piercefield to the top 5 list for the 4th place purple jersey as he ALSO hits Creighton and Texas. And rounding out the top 5, let’s welcome for the first time this year to the top 5, Brad “Bloomington North” Pearson…a former champ who feels pretty good about Creighton this year. He slips into the 5th place red jersey by hitting Creighton and Texas as well. And honorable mention shout outs to Justin Cooper who also hit Creighton and Texas, but didn’t quite crack the top 5, and Berry Simpson who was the only one to hit San Diego State in the Elite 8.

For Saturday’s games…look out for Brittany Cooper, Mike Sheppard, and Chris Page to potentially pick up 30 points on the field by hitting Kansas State in the Final Four. Many have either Gonzaga or UConn in the Final Four, but still an opportunity to pick up 30 or 40 points there as well. Getting interesting…