Pastor Chris Page

By on 10/28/2019

Chris was born May 29, 1968 in Franklin, Indiana (Bobby Unser won the Indy 500 a few hours later, thus forever forging the bond between Chris and sports).

In 1973, the Page family moved from Greenwood to Martinsville. At the age of 15, Chris received Jesus into his life at a Christian camping event in Piedmont, Missouri (pop. 2,166). “After a Sunday church service, we went to an IGA grocery store in Piedmont for cookout supplies, and that’s when I made the decision to be a Christ-follower. How many people can say they had a salvation experience in an IGA check-out line?”

God did some quick work in Chris as he preached his first message at age 17 and conducted his first water baptism at age 18. “The first person I baptized was this really hot-looking teen age girl named Dana Woodall. Must have been a binding experience, because we got married 3 years later”.

Chris graduated from Indian Creek High School in 1986, Indiana University in 1990, and World Harvest Bible College in 1994. After completing Bible College, Chris and Dana moved back to Martinsville where HHC was started in June, 1994. Daughter Kaley was born in 1995, and son Keelen in 1997.

What Chris likes (random order): Peanut Buster Parfaits…Central Air…When people experience life-change…Fast Roller Coasters…Going to Israel…Late Night Cereal…ESPN baby!

What Chris dislikes (Christians don’t use the word “hate”): Slow moving traffic…Grouchy people…Getting up before 8am (now I’m grouchy)…Mixing my food (casseroles-no way!)…No hot water for the shower…and my 3 most feared words, “Some Assembly Required”.

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